where do i end and you begin…


You know a school must have been a bit posh if it had a “debating chamber” and it is in one such debating chamber at the Old Royal High School, Regent Rd, Edinburgh that you can find the film The Sovereign Forest by Amar Kanwar. The film is about the impact of illegal mining in the Indian state of Orisa, but if beautiful, poetic and meandering art films are not your bag, go anyway because the space is beautiful and you cant normally get inside it, but be quick as it only runs till August 31.

 P1280997P1280972   P1280971 P1280970

The Sovereign Forest is part of Edinburgh Art Festival’s WHERE DO I END AND YOU BEGIN exhibition.

true grit…

…nobody comes to Edinburgh for the weather, this much we know, but on this freezing, wet and windy August evening (with a massive arts festival going on all around INDOORS) you have to admire the plucky resolve of the few who braved an outdoor screening of Amelie in the old college quad at Edinburgh Uni. I for one salute them…

20140817_215729 20140817_215755


…bumped into G.L. the other day who quite rightly pointed out that i have been neglecting this site…so here goes.

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that i am the worlds most rubbish self publicist and with that in mind, here is an article (and images) i wrote for the May edition (better late than never…) of Italian based graphics magazine Illustrati on the subject of “abandon”:

If you click on any of the images below it will take you to an online version of the magazine which you can read or download if you like, or failing that click here, all articles are in Italian and English…

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preserving wild garlic…

Back to those foraged leaves from the previous post…Most important thing, having made sure you picked them from a safe place, wash the leaves really thoroughly…


OK, so i already posted how to make a pesto from few flowered leeks, for the recipe click here

i decide to do the same with the wild garlic leaves…works really well but be warned this is a far more pungent (but delicious) version…after processing more than half a kilo of wild garlic, my home smells really REALLY of garlic for a day or two!

The pesto freezes really well, i use an ice cube to portion it out.


I have so many leaves that i try some other methods of preservation. I make a wild garlic paste by whizzing it up with some olive oil – the ordinary kind, nothing fancy- and salt (for every 100g of leaves use 100g of oil and 6g salt) . I read that this will keep in a sterilised jar in the fridge for many months…just make sure you top it up with a layer of oil to stop the leaves oxidising. I use it to boost the flavour of soups or stews or in marinades.


…and do not disguard the stalks, they are delicious, i wilt them along with some of the leaves, v nice with steak or fish, or add them to a daal.


wild garlic in currie…

…it all started off with a walk up the Pentland Hills, then down to Currie and along the Water of Leith into Edinburgh.

P1080481Edinburgh from the the Pentlands

So walking along the Water of Leith we came across the unmistakable and pungent (in a good way) smell of wild garlic…

P1080502we try to pick only from the steepest banks in the hope that it is less likely to be tainted by…i don’t know… dog pee…??

i love this season, i usually go down to the Hermitage to forage for few flowered leeks (similar to wild garlic but a little less pungent). Anyway we came across MASSES of the stuff easily spotted by the clumps of ribbony, silky leaves (almost like lilies) and of course the aroma. We picked around a kilo between  two of us (worth a fortune in shops at the moment)

I rush home to process it all as an hour or so after picking, the leaves to wilt, clocking up 20km of walking.