the thermos museum…


Neil Davidson’s international installation, The Thermos Museum makes sporadic appearances around the country (mainly Edinburgh). It has recently been dismantled after a one month residence in Festival Square as part of the Edinburgh (International) Festival. If it reappears near you i recommend you take the tour…

Apparently you can contact the Thermos Museum on something called facebook, anyway, I made a short film about it:


the pleasures of not being hit by falling fireworks….

Ride of the Valkyries as the sound track, Edinburgh castle as the back-drop, fireworks (and not being showered in descending firework ash/detritus…as in a previous experience)…what’s not to like? Well obviously it did rain a bit…The festival is over…

P1290035 P1290041 P1290062 P1290066 P1290071 P1290080 P1290113 P1290117

life as a cheap suitcase…

More art: this time at Summerhall, Edinburgh.

Genesis & Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge – Life as a Cheap Suitcase (Pandrogeny & A Search for a Unified Identity) showing at till Sept 26 (and it’s free to get in).


Stations ov thee Cross (partial)


Demon Child

…lordy what to make of all this??? Frankly am bored by artists’ self mutilation/ surgical enhancement journeys, it’s been going on FOREVER…don’t get me wrong, am all for them doing it, taking that trip…just include me out of the selfie loop please…but this is Genesis P-Orridge who always interests me (Wreckers of Civilisation is a fantastic read- i thoroughly recommend) So here are some images of metamorphic objects …post surgery trans/pan gender ops not included ‘cos they BORE ME STUPID!!! However if you want a more measured/less ranty point of view, read Neil Cooper’s piece for the List at the bottom of this page.




Tongue Kiss


The Poisonous Trap of Biology, Frozen Replication


Feeding the Fishes


where do i end and you begin…


You know a school must have been a bit posh if it had a “debating chamber” and it is in one such debating chamber at the Old Royal High School, Regent Rd, Edinburgh that you can find the film The Sovereign Forest by Amar Kanwar. The film is about the impact of illegal mining in the Indian state of Orisa, but if beautiful, poetic and meandering art films are not your bag, go anyway because the space is beautiful and you cant normally get inside it, but be quick as it only runs till August 31.

 P1280997P1280972   P1280971 P1280970

The Sovereign Forest is part of Edinburgh Art Festival’s WHERE DO I END AND YOU BEGIN exhibition.

true grit…

…nobody comes to Edinburgh for the weather, this much we know, but on this freezing, wet and windy August evening (with a massive arts festival going on all around INDOORS) you have to admire the plucky resolve of the few who braved an outdoor screening of Amelie in the old college quad at Edinburgh Uni. I for one salute them…

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