where walnuts come from…

Ever wondered where walnuts come from? Harvesting them every morning as they dropped was one of my morning tasks on a recent visit to Galicia…



The tree, planted around 20 years ago never produced any nuts until this year when a combination of a hotter and dryer than usual summer and the mysteries of nature meant that it finally fruited…


The nuts develop inside these tough green skins which finally split when ripe and…


the nuts finally tumble to the ground.


The nuts are not ready to eat yet, they are bitter and feel heavy. They need to dry out somewhere warm for a few weeks till they feel lighter. I think they look like alien babies when they first fall, the fibre from the casing like matted hair…


Some of the fruits of my labour…



International Day of the Girl…

…is today;

Take action at http://www.globalgoals.org/dayofthegirl


Charanga  – a small group of musicians

Ruada – party/fiesta

I have tremendous affection for these local bands who turn up to play at fiestas and religious festivals in the wee towns, villages and hamlets of Galicia, on this particular occasion the charanga Ruada are playing for people coming out of the mass for Virtudes, a Saints day in Vitre, Galicia. Cool drums and cool red shirts!


As a former drummer (of sorts) i do like me a drum kit.


the band


decorating construction 2…

Beautiful BEAUTIFUL decoration of an old, abandoned house on Burela, Galicia in Spain, kind of outsider art i guess or just someone with a creative soul…



Beautiful, stormy and romantic Cantabrian Sea, Burela


Burela tiny houses




So here is a film i made to be shown at the STARTING TO SEE THE END exhibition described in my previous post.

This was filmed on location at the very lovely 15th-century St Triduana’s Aisle, Restalrig, Edinburgh. The call and response singing was done on site by myself and Yvonne and the fancy choral singing towards the end is by the Penicuik Vault Singers. Thanks to Nik Paget-Tomlinson for the excellent sound design and editing.

The following 2 photographs and captions are taken from Yvonne Buskie’s web site:

Wall painting evolved during the gallery residency. Made by the all the named artists and visitors to the exhibition. Section 4m x 3m

Christine Devaney and Yvonne Buskie during the closing performance 23rd August 2017 (with Luke Sutherland.) Photo Margarita Vazquez Ponte