ego ego ego…

Forgive the rampant egoism of this post, but a lot of my students made portraits of me last year…not ever an assignment i can assure you, but i loved them and all the little details they picked out, here are some:

IMG_1293May have posted this one before, but it deserves a re-post, Anusha got my hair, the flower and the bag down to a T…


IMG_2486Me and my omnipresent camera…and factually correct earrings.


IMG_2768Thomas did this one, he got my hair, flower, bag and bindi, and the red lipstick! Genius!


IMG_5157Narasingh is not officially my student but drops by from time to time…it’s me working on my laptop! and he even caught how i always hook my bag on my chair. Bloody brilliant!!


P1250235Longtime student Angel drew this one.


P1260215Hemanth, giving me fabulous jewellery!!!

a procession…

…what all that bell ringing was about (see recent post ) and also because i do like me a good procession…

procession of saints in Albixoi, Galicia on the saint day of Santa Mariña

end of term exhibition 2014…

I know my subject matter on the blog is jumping about a bit but am trying to tie up a lot of loose ends, with that in mind:

Never posted this, it’s a film i made to show at the BH orphanage school end of term exhibition on the work we did together. We screened it to the whole school in 3 screenings. Lots of fun!

One thing to note, for the screenings i originally edited with music from Go Team which worked really well with the images…but no way to upload that onto any public video site (due to obvious copyright infringements) so i had to re-edit with copyright free music…which is great to have available but NOT my first choice…bah! anyway here is the film:

(watch on full screen to get the best of the kids’ art works)

analogue bell ringing…

…isn’t it nice that some things are still done analogue?

ringing bells in Albixoi, Galicia on the saint day of Santa Mariña

…in case you are wondering, the bangs are “bombas” by the way, shot into the air to celebrate most Spanish Saints Days and Fiestas in general…


Not in India yet but am going through a mountain of material from this time last year…actually caught this from a moving and very bumpy school bus so was pretty happy with this shot of a wee boy (or girl?) just at the other end of a hissy fit.