some facts about andhra pradesh…

On friday, am going to Vijayawada, in the state of Andhra Pradesh  southern India to organise and develop creative laboratories for children. The workshops will take place between 25 Oct – 25 Nov 2009. There will be 400 children in all!!! Here are some statistics:

State – Andhra Pradesh 12˚41˙-22˚N latitude and 77˚-84˚40˙ longitude
Capital – Hyderabad
Andhra Pradesh is known as “the rice bowl of India” , 77% of its crop is rice; it produced 17,796,000 tonnes of rice in 2006
Language -Telugu
Area – 275,069 sq km, it is the 4th largest state in India
Population – 75,727,541
Literacy – 61%
Economy is based on – agriculture, information technology, biotechnology
Religion – the major religions are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism.

Vijayawada – population, 2,018,922 , third largest city of the state, situated on the banks of Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh. Known for comprising the largest railway junction of South India

CREATIVE LABORATORIES WILL TAKE PLACE IN: Buddavaram (known as Daddy’s Home)  Care&Share’s Village for Children –  founded in January 1999 with the acquisition of 15 acres of land in the village of Buddavaram. Daddy’s Home is located approximately 25 kms (15 miles) away from downtown Vijayawada. Construction began in May 1999; the first Home was ready for occupancy in May 2000. Since then, Daddy’s Home has served as a permanent residence for hundreds of street children and disabled kids. At present, over 600 children live and study here.
Here, these children learn to be kids again and to live in a clean, caring environment. They have enough space to run around, the facilities to play — a soccer field, a basketball court, a gym, and cricket grounds — and the chance to express their talents through extra-curricular activities such as modern and traditional dance.

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