first impressions…


Kingfisher airlines, from Hyderabad to Vijayawada, old school propeller plane.


Landing among the rice fields to Vijayawada airport which consists of a shed and a rickety yet ornate control tower. unfortunately am not allowed to photograph it till i get inside.


Vijayawada airport

Am met at airport by children bearing flower garlands!!!This is not usual for me. Am struggling with some body language differences. There is a particular shaking head gesture that i just cant read, sometimes it means yes, sometimes it means no. It is causing me consternation.


The children here are incredibly tactile, even though they are brought up in a loving environment, being orphans they obviously don’t get the same amount of attention as other kids, so they immediately come to you even if you are a stranger and want to hold your hand or climb on your lap. There is no shyness, just a constant need for contact. They also call every adult “mummy” (or occasionally “sister”) or “daddy”.  Again this is strange for me.



2 responses to “first impressions…

  1. Wow! Looks amazing. And I can just see you doing an Angelina with all those poor orphans…..

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