Am seeing lots of things am not certain about here but rather than ranting (my usual methodology) am just going to report what i see and what people tell me. Who ever reads the blog can draw their own conclusions…

Today spoke to M the house mother where i am staying, she told me a little about her background, she is an ex-nun, now married. Her husband does not work (he has a bad back), and he lives in the neighbouring city. She sees him on her day off and he visits occasionally. This is a second marriage for him and she also helps to look after the family of the first marriage. Have heard this a lot here, the woman working and the man not, you also see women doing hard labour in the fields and on building sites (at least in the countryside).

Had a meeting with Johnny, an ex orphanage kid who now works in the office. He has been shooting short films and biogs on the children, but needs some help learning to edit, he wants to learn split screen so that he can show life before and after the kids come to the orphanage.

Tried Indian tea today, they like is very very sweet with milk


Went to school to meet the kids who stay on after school to work in the computer lab. All boys, no girls, apparently girls are not interested or have other familial responsibilities that stop them from staying back after school. They are all quite good on photoshop (they make posters for their Bollywood heroes) and they all do small image ready animations. No one uses Illustrator, so i am going to begin there, lesson start after school on Friday.

montage_skipkids really like to skip around here

2 responses to “school…

  1. Reporting what you see and hear it’s already a big deal.. Go on! Music, singing, dancing and jumping seems like a big part of it.. Would it be easy for you to post some sounds also?

    • definitely want to! just have not had a chance to actually film much. but sounds are amazing here. the CONSTANT honk of the cars on the road, singing, music, screaming, animals…you name it…just need a bit more time…

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