art classes…

Took some art classes today, two with 9 – 12 year olds and another with 12 – 15 year olds.montage_class

The methodology for teaching here normally involves the teacher drawing on the blackboard and the kids copying so i think i flummoxed them a bit when i asked them to draw themselves, a bit pedestrian i know for a first lesson, but i just wanted to gauge what each one can do and their level of interest. Next week will try to get them making things. Did a composition and practical photography class with the older kids, a lot of whom had never taken a photo before. They took to it with unbridled enthusiasm. Here are some of their photos, some of which are brilliant, cant wait to see what they do next.



…them photographing me photographing them, their picture is much better than mine…


…running to take photos, really they were unbelievably keen…

hottest day here so far by the way, 37 degrees with 80 percent humidity…

8 responses to “art classes…

  1. O captain, my.. was inevitable to have a dead poets society moment, but it looks like you passed it with dignity.
    The composition of some of the images is really good. Do the kids have normally access to cameras? Digital?

    • …yes…well, like i said, they were really keen! a few of them have taken photos before, but many had not. They were really quick at grasping the notions of composition even the more abstract ones, but this group of older kids are all really interested in the subject of art, so they are very motivated, a couple say its something they want to do when they leave school.

  2. Wow! How is that perceived by people around them? Do they think that is unreasonable to pursue a career where it is difficult to earn a living? or do they support them?

    • i asked the same question, but no one has told me it is not possible. i think what could happen is that kids would go to vijayawada or hyderabad to study and then they would become art teachers, i don’t think anyone here imagines to be an artist in the “western” sense.

  3. i love their photos! particularly the one taken from the window of the girls outside. will you be able to post some of their drawings too?
    how did the cricket on the beach go? any potential internationalists?

    • I really liked that too, as i had been telling them about the harmony of the triangle in composition, and they came up with that. Am always amazed when someone pays attention to what i am saying! Will post more of their work when i can

  4. p.s. hello matteo!

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