…again in vijayawada, this time in the care and share offices there. today it was full of sponsored kids in to get their photos taken, a lot of them live at home with parents and the sponsors money helps to pay for their education etc. Here i got many many photo requests…

montagesome people who asked to have their photo taken

Came back home in a car with 16 people in total, its meant to hold 8…good thing some of those kids were quite small…and by the way, this morning there was 99% humidity.


4 responses to “weekend…

  1. I really don’t understand: these people are strangers who ask you to take their pictures that they briefly see on your camera lcd screen and that they will never receive or keep ?

  2. Basically they just like having their photo taken and yes, its just enough for them to look at the LCD screen afterwards (adults and children alike), some don’t even look at the screen, they just say thank you and wander off. Even people with no English, still gesture at the camera and mime taking a photo, also they never ask for money. Think i might do a series on this requested photo business.

  3. when i was travelling in the middle-east countries kids asked me to take their pictures continuously (except in iran because of the culture) and then – not even looking at the picts on my camera – insisted on asking money; they think they were right. it was so hard for me…
    marga it’s veryvery interesting to read what you’re doing!
    i’m following you!

    • …i was really surprised by the photography thing. Other people working here say in countries like Guatemala or Ethiopia, people get really offended or angry about having their picture taken…and really here no one has asked for any cash yet. it does make going anywhere a lengthy business, the other day in vijayawada i was trying to explore a market but it took me about one hour to walk about 25 metres! and i don’t like to refuse any requests as i am really liking these “posed-look-at-the-camera-photos”. ciao C e grazie!

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