curry, cricket and saris

The orphanage took 120 kids to the seaside on Sunday, to Peddapatnam on the bay of bengal.  Only the tiny ones wear western swimming costumes, the older ones (girls and boys) have to cover up. Women go in wearing full sari regalia. Animals seen on the beach: cows, goats (including one born in front of us), dogs, one monkey and livid red crabs. Cows come down to the shore line to nibble on tens of thousands of sprouting seeds that  wash up in the water. The ocean was  warm, not just tepid, but warm. Managed to walk for kms without meeting another soul. Still got requests for photos at either end though.


beach life

Found out that Catholicism came to the area relatively recently, it was brought by Italian missionaries, who arrived in the 1930’s and 40’s. Really can’t find out much about the subject on-line, so i have to go by what people tell me, also there are many many ex priests and ex nuns here.


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