a function…

Some of the kids here are HIV positive, though most of the HIV kids are in the sister home of Butterfly Hill where they have more medical facilities and a small hospital. I have heard that babies here that are born HIV positive can become free of the disease by 18 months and that it can eventually leave their system…and there is treatment here and a decent prognosis for the ones who are HIV positive. Also a lot of kids here are orphaned by both parents dying of aids. Medical workers have me told that lorry drivers are the worst culprits in the spread of the disease and that they average about 250 assignations (don’t ask me where this figure comes from)  a year with prostitutes (this links you to a news article on the traffic of women in the vijayawada area, ironicaly above the film clip you can click on a link to “meet sexy women in your area” ????????)

Meanwhile there was a party, or a ‘function” as my small house mates call it, to celebrate the birthday of one of the visiting Care and Share people and they put on a bit of a do. Hundreds of kids in the audience and performing, some amazing and energetic Indian dancing, marshal arts, skipping and there was a fantastic dance routine to kylie’s “cant get you out of my head” by some of the young ones…globalisation ehh?






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  1. the colours!

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