food and italians…

Yesterday evening a couple of the italian paediatricians were talking about their previous work in Ethiopia and were trading photos and stories of fungal infections and leprosy limbs. I was quietly pottering about on my computer kind of listening in to their conversation for a good 15 minutes before i even realised that this is an unusual conversation for me to be sitting in on.

Care and Share is mainly an Italian organisation, so the majority of visitors come from there. Though the food is really good here, its not for everyone and some of the italians are suffering  a bit. They bring their own food with them. One doctor forsook (is that a word?) most of his clothes to bring a suitcase full of food with him…grissini. bread, salami, sundried tomatoes, coffee, truffle oil!!!… A new arrival brought two huge hunks of parmesan cheese!!



Went to Gannavaram, a small town nearby in the morning, took a motorised rickshaw to get there and had a fight with the driver. You can squeeze 3 in the back normally, but he piled 5 in the back and 2 more in the front either side of the driver, i pointed out this was just a tad dangerous…obviously i lost the argument. Going round corners was bloody terrifying!!!

Got a few more requested photos:



2 responses to “food and italians…

  1. seems that italians might be even worse at travelling than the british…

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