small invasions…

…every surface is alive here, there are these tiny translucent ants you have to watch out for in your food if you leave anything lying around too long in the kitchen…and i have a large colony of bigger ones living in my bedroom. Other guests have a gecko or two, outside there are snakes but i have not seen them, they found a cobra in the garden outside my house yesterday.


holy cow



3 responses to “small invasions…

  1. great blogging marga!
    gees, it takes commitment to type away everyday, so well done, yours is blog to follow!

    • thanks, i really like doing it, other than taking photos, in between all the stuff i do with the kids, it is one of the few times i get to myself, i came with the idea of developing personal projects here too but the reality is there is almost no spare time, so i am very strict with myself to at least keep the blog. not sure what i will do when i get home, life aint so “bloggable” there!

  2. the immediacy of this diary is great. and it will be a great resource when you come to develop some of the stuff.

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