mornings 2…

So i have taken to walking round this nearby lake and river early every morning (see previous post). I must admit that i am sort of kind of looking for cobras…preferably from a safe distance. I see lots of snakes swimming in the river but so far no cobra (maybe just as well). I hear monkeys but seldom see them.

Ladies wash clothes every day whacking them against the rocks in the river, often side by side with the men who are washing  the buffaloes…

It’s also a really good spot for butterfly hunting with camera, every time i go there i see a different species, but they are are hard to shoot and i am generally being followed by village kids which makes matters even harder. If I can shake off the kids and stand motionless for ages i can get some nice results. There are huge brown ones with red markings and fat bodies (moths maybe?) that are more like birds…and tiny yellow ones with black edges, cannot manage to snap them, they never ever stop…for more butterflies click here

photo requested by the subjects

3 responses to “mornings 2…

  1. I can see a “Portraits on request” photographic booklet by MVP soon published..
    This last one is so beautiful.

    • There are generally two kinds of requested photo poses, the cheesy grin or the very intense stare into the camera. These two girls had just brought bundles of washing balanced on their heads to the river and were all laughs and smiles when they asked for their photo, then they surprised me by becoming very serious for the pose, and yes, the girl in red in particular i think looks amazing. Ta

  2. yes. i would like to have a copy of this booklet!

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