sewing machines and art classes

We share our class room with 4 or 5 women who make clothes and uniforms for the children of Daddy’s Home. They work on beautiful old (indian) usha sewing machines powered by a foot pedal rather than electricity.



Classes can be a little anarchic. Children wander in and out from other lessons. School seems to swing from highly draconian methodologies to a policy of laissez faire. Often i have new kids asking to join in, and if there is space i let them. Today was bedlam, as well as my class with 3 new kids and all the seamstresses working at full speed, half the school traipsed in to get their new school uniforms. So there was a constant queue of kids snaking around my class room…all morning…

We are working on ideas for Christmas cards to print for the charity and am trying really hard to get them to incorporate a little bit of India into the images, but they love traditional Christmas stuff so i get a lot of holly, candles, Santa Claus and reindeer… Last Christmas they went into the local village carol singing around the mud huts. I tried to get them to draw this but they were having none of it, instead i get alpine huts in a snowy setting. Am trying… But some of them do get it and am not saying what what they are doing is not great, here are some of my favourites…

I asked Raja why he put a “dream” sign in his drawing, he said that its christmas so you have to dream.

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