another field trip…

Another field trip (see previous post) with my photography students.

This time i took them on foot around some of the local villages and along the river. They absolutely love getting out of school. But they were pretty well behaved. They are truly nice and talented people, they tell me they will miss me when i am gone and that they have learned a lot and i will definitely miss them. Normally i think teenage boys to be a truly onerous species. Its easy to like cute little 5 year olds (in small doses), but i never imagined i would like these older kids so much. They are a pain in the ass and sarcastic like any teenagers, but they are also extremely kind and generous with me and with each other.  Like i said, i like them. Tomorrow we will have a crit and look at their photos, will post some of their work then. Some things i saw along the way:

these can be huge, big as my hand

different time of day, different kinds of butterflies…for more click here

photo requested by subject


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