sundays and class outing…

Sunday morning

Hindu blessing

Afternoon – took all my classes on trip, with only me in charge of a bus full of kids. TERRIFYING responsibility, and like i have said before, health and safety is not an issue here. No seat belts ever. No one wears motor cycle helmets. You often see whole families on the back of one motorbike, including babies and toddlers…  there are no safety guards or railings on sheer drops…All this is fine for yourself, but believe me just getting 40 kids safely across a crazy busy road with no lights…well…anyway all went well, no casualties and we even got to see the Krishna River when its not raining!!!!! and some great photo requests

…so i spotted this group crossing the road and wondered to myself,

if they would mind me photographing them as they looked so devout and all…in the end they spotted the camera, came over, surrounded me and started posing and singing and asking why i was not taking more photos. PHOTOS REQUESTED BY SUBJECT:

2 responses to “sundays and class outing…

  1. The kids are way to young to be devout.. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!

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