indian barbie

wedding fantasy barbie: expressions of India

Scanned the times of india brides and husbands wanted section. NCB means “no caste barred”, some are seeking someone of equal education, and some state that they are looking for someone of lighter skin. You select preferences in religion, community and caste as well as age etc…

In the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report for 2009, in a list of 134 countries, India comes in 114 place, number 1 is Iceland and number 134 is Yemen (Ireland is 8 and UK 15, Italy SHOCKINGLY is number 72 in the list).

There have been things i decided not to photograph. Like the woman who lives in the village bus shelter, where she sits all day. She seems to have literally nothing. A local Indian priest, father William gives food to her and all the others in the very bottom rung of local society. She is the only person i have seen smoking during my last month here. This morning i gave in and took one picture from far away, am not sure why.


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