So now Hyderabad for a few days. A big city of 6 million. Total culture shock for me, after the quiet pace of the countryside or a backwater town like Vijayawadada.

Am getting used to hot water, a shower that works and no animals in my room. So here is over 40% muslim. A conservative city full of women covered head to toe in black with only their eyes on display. Am still an oddity here though, get stared at a lot. Vijayawada (other than mobile phone concessions) had zero western shops (except for strangely enough one baskin and robbins). Here is all levis, calvin klein and mcdonalds etc. A city with huge industry in IT and medical Tourism (especially from the US), still have not seen any westerners though, they must be all in the hospitals. Still get asked for photos though.

…like i said before, health and safety…not an issue. This is a record for me, 5 people on 1 scooter…

Photo requested by subject: These 4 asked for the usual photo, they had hardly any English but they were able to ask me where i was from and if i was alone. When i said that i was indeed here alone, they were literally flabbergasted, they did not know how to process that particular piece of information. I left them in a huddle having a heated debate about my solitary state (i think).

Photo requested by subject 2:

Came across a soap opera being filmed at the golconda fort outside Hyderabad. Surprise surprise an actor wanting his photo taken…

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