..so i tried to slip away discretely, i always try to leave a place quietly and with zero fuss if possible, but this was not to be… when i was saying goodbye to her earlier in the day, S the headmistress asked my car to drive into and around the school quadrangle before i left. So i was a wee bit suspicious… Turns out the entire school, all 500 or so of them were outside lining the perimeters, waiting for me. There was music/waving/clapping, a giant banner and dancing, while I was driven around like the queen mum to wave good bye. So it was a bizarre scenario but i had to go with it so i waved and yelled back with gusto. For once i did not manage to photograph it as i must confess i became a little overwhelmed, when we got to the little girls whom i shared a house for a month (who were dancing on the stage) and some of them were crying and then so did i…like a big girls blouse… So no photos, i did film it though, maybe i will post it. Its pretty odd….

Photo crits around my mac, generally at the start and/or end of a lesson or field trip. The kids got pretty good at analysing/critiquing images.

These are some of the paper mache christmas decorations my 2 younger groups made. It took FOREVER, but i think they even surprised themselves with the results.

butterfly of the day (for more click here)

photo requested by subject

Have accumulated several tons on material. Will keep posting bits and pieces as i go through it, drawings, films photos etc. Am trying to think of a new project for the blog. Keep checking in occasionally…watch this space…meanwhile…

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