hyderabad 2 and home

The first thing my driver asks me is if i am married, or if i have a “steady” Yes i have a driver, even the likes of me can afford this particular luxury over here. Hyderabad is huge, i can’t find any maps and many of the streets have no names. For someone like myself who is somewhat “challenged” in the sense of direction department, there is not much choice. Its frustrating though as i see amazing things but we cant stop because of traffic or lack of parking. I asked to be driven to the Mahboob Chowk area. My driver lets me out at a market for exotic birds (to be eaten or taken home a pets). I get out and walk around a bit, the place is horrible but kind of compelling and i want to document it, but this is the one and only time i have felt unsafe in 5 weeks in india.

I lose my driver for a bit and am seriously hassled by some street kids. I finally find my driver again and he nervously says we have to get out of the area. I could feel it anyway and I notice a strong police presence. I have become used to being an object of curiosity, of being stared at, but here the staring was less about curiosity and felt more like a threat. Apparently the old town becomes dangerous on a Friday between 12 noon till 2 or 3 in the afternoon when devout Muslims (men) say prayers and take to the street and can become antagonistic to foreigners at this time. As i seem to be the only foreigner here right now we get out of there immediately.

The Muslim festival of Bakrid is the next day. Herds of goats and sheep are penned in every available corner of the city in preparation for the festivities…

this time only 4 on a scooter…(see previous post)

All museums and palaces are closed on Fridays, and the old town is a no go area so i find myself in the only open institution. The science museum (full of broken interactive gadgets and the planetarium with a light show that is beautiful and ridiculous in equal measures. Time to fly home…

Will post more as i go through the small mountain of material i have accumulated in the last 5 weeks.


2 responses to “hyderabad 2 and home

  1. well done Marga, this is a beautiful document.
    dont worry about the next project, just keep posting!

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