afterlife…hyderabad and edinburgh

Again thinking about choosing whether or not to photograph, when i was walking about the local village of buddavaran outside the orphanage with my students, they pointed to a pastoral looking path that led to some rice fields. They told me there were often dead bodies in a ditch up there, “leftovers”  after hindu cremations, anyway i didn’t go.

…and continuing on the theme, today, ended up in this old churchyard in colinton (robert louis stevenson lived thereabouts for a while) and found this metal “sarcophagus”.  Have read that in the 17th and 18th century edinburgh citizens were so afraid of being torn from their graves (due to the grave robbing industry that kept anatomy students and professors in bodies) that the rich paid for metal coffins, so am wondering if this is one of them.

leith, old maritime graveyard

4 responses to “earth…

  1. I’m really enjoying the parallel India//Edinburgh.. Swastika symbols on Indian graves & a metal coffin to protect corpse from enlighten scientists: quite a mighty essay to elaborate!
    5.000 words are enough?!

    • next time i go i want to do something on the swastika, obvious and corny i know, but for me as a westerner it was amazing to see it used in it’s original and positive context. you see it everywhere…

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