Weird, i realise that i have reverted back to my normal mode of photographing things and spaces, rather than people,

of being kind of embarrassed to be caught taking a picture of someone. What an unusual luxury to have had 5 weeks of people actually asking to have their picture taken, and that these people would always be so beautiful and interesting and photogenic…i miss it now, that human engagement with the camera. Closest i have gotten here are these ginger gentlemen…not the same really…and am thinking they may not actually be indigenous…

Had lunch with a friend today who is a cultural theorist, turns out i am in one of his recent books, in the intro where he describes (melodramatically)  how i clandestinely came to procure him a copy of Tod Haynes’ banned early masterpiece Superstar: the karen carpenter story (made entirely with barbie dolls) in the pre everything-available-on-the-internet-and-youtube era, when you couldn’t find it anywhere.  Funny.

Superstar: the Karen Carpenter Story by Dr Glyn Davis

3 responses to “ginger…

  1. ha look forward to reading about this!

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