trouble in andhra pradesh…

Last week the indian govt provisionally announced the division of the region, with Hyderabad to be taken away and Andhra Pradesh (see previous post) to find a new capital. Right from the start there were protests and disorder, there is a lot of investment in Hyderabad, it’s where most of the industry and commerce of the state is based and generated. I got an email from India where i was just a couple of weeks ago. My friend says that for days now in Vijayawada, everything has been closed, shops, banks schools…and there is a lot of trouble on the streets. Yesterday was the birthday of one of the kids in her home and she could not buy a gift nor even flour to make a cake as everything was closed. Will try to find out more. I spent a lot of time in Vijayawada (see previous post),  it was a chaotic but friendly city, its hard to imagine empty streets and violence.

vijayawada (see another previous post)

Sent an email to another friend still working as a teacher at the orphanage, she said that the Christmas play rehearsal had to be interrupted as there were reports that “goondas”  (kind of hired thugs) were approaching the adjacent village of Buddavaram.  The day before they had stormed a school in Vijayawada and torn the library apart.  Nothing happened but the kids were sent back to their homes and the gates of the school were closed (it’s not difficult to get into the school, gate or no gate)  School hasn’t functioned properly for about 10 days because of the strikes since the teachers living in Vijayawada can’t get here and the kids from the outside can’t either.  The last two days of exams had to be put off for 5 or 6 days. Scary stuff.

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