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More news from india (see previous Oct, Nov posts)…recently got an email from C at the Daddy’s Home orphanage which just celebrated its 10 year anniversary.  She sent these two pictures, both of the same child Archana:

She was found on Sept 7th in a rubbish bin (a lot of babies come to the orphanage with this beginning see here), she was very burned after being under the sun all day. She weighed 3 lbs (1,4 kg) and was HIV positive.

This is Archana at christmas time, still HIV positive but obviously thriving and with a chance of becoming negative (i never knew this before, but when i was  in India doctors told me that newborns infected with HIV contracted from the mother had a good chance of working the virus out of their system).


Biella Mountains, foothills to the alps at minus -3.5C

(s)light relief…

Still in Biella and slight relief from selecting shortlists for residents and thrashing out a programme structure that at this stage depends on things that depend on things that depend on things… comes in the form of the indigenous cuisine.

Firstly breakfast and the classic italian start to the day of cappuccino and brioche, the most democratic of breakfasts. Even in chi chi Milanese bars this at least you can usually find for under €3.

This exemplary example comes from Ferrua/Canterino in Biella – a cafe maybe not to everyone’s taste, but the quality of the merchandise cannot be denied.

The Piedmontese Bolito misto…does what it says on the tin and yes it is not vegetarian, it’s meat, it’s boiled…it’s a bolito misto and a good one should always taste better than it looks…

…so here we have the head (pig i think), the tongue, veal and cottechino sausage and many many different sauces…Iike i said, it does not look so pretty but it tastes really good.

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ghosts in the machine…

The UNIDEE residents’ space out of season, a symphony of white and grey and full of the ghosts of UNIDEES past…

The selection process for the residency is slow and intensive, the usual story…many people chasing very few places. On top of looking for good projects you have to simultaneously try to create a balanced group thinking also about age, gender, experience…Not so easy to do…

Back to Biella…

Back to Biella, where I lived for four and a half years and where I eventually went just a little bit mad from being quite so far away for so long from EVERYTHING really. But now that I don’t actually live there any more i really like coming back to work on projects with the Fondazione Pistoletto. Right now am here to help in the selection of residents for the 4 month summer artists in residence programme and will be working over the summer as collaborating artist on the Unidee staff. Did it last year and really loved the work.