jamón serrano…



Leg of pork

Coarse salt


Cayenne pepper


After the pig has been slaughtered, hang the carcass for one day, then cut your leg joints. Rub salt well into the joint and then bury it in completely in salt. For every kilo of meat, you will need to leave it buried in the salt for one day, so a 6 kilo ham will need to be left for 6 days.

After this process, take the ham out and wash off all the salt using at least 3 changes of water. Hang to dry. Meanwhile prepare a paste from vinegar and cayenne pepper. When the joint is dry, paint it with the pepper paste that will deter flies during the curing process.

Now you can hang your ham to cure, in a dry well ventilated space. Even better if you can light a wood fire in this space every now and then. The ham must hang for at least one year, bigger ones take 2 to 3 years.

that´s what my mum does anyway…

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jamòn serrano

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