men and fashion…

Back in Milan where it is men’s fashion week. I still find it odd to see only men on the catwalk, just like the girls they are really thin and REALLY young.

Photographers stake a place for themselves and set up their tripods to mark their territory. Then they have to dash back stage to shoot the action there, and then they have to run back round to catch the catwalk. Think in the ‘good old days’ there might have been 2 of them sent per assignment but now 1 has to do all the work.

The audience was a sea of monochrome, men (the majority) and women all in black and grey…tasteful. (i was wearing some pretty bright colours and stood out like a belisha beacon…felt a tad self conscious…)

Photographing the show…2 problems here: 1, i didn’t have a tripod, and 2, the catwalk had a metal floor which was super reflective and blew out all the models’ faces, no problem for a professional am sure, but i found it very difficult to photograph…

one hundred years of EZ…

after show:

Back stage, and very odd to be photographing all these people undressing, i of course maintained a modest distance but the professionals got right in there…no room for modesty on anyone’s part i guess. All very calm as its after the show. Totally non sexual by the way, a bit like a life drawing class…


4 responses to “men and fashion…

  1. marga,
    i love ur posts, actually I would like to perform with u something… let me think…
    Hope to hear from u soon

  2. love the pictures of the ghost of zegna on the catwalk!

    • that was i fluke! i was using a long exposure and the metalic catwalk reflected back on the model making him monochromatic, like the ghost of ermenegildo…serendipitous i guess. also i was v lucky as i got to stand on the photographers’ platform which meant i got a great view.

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