(s)light relief…

Still in Biella and slight relief from selecting shortlists for residents and thrashing out a programme structure that at this stage depends on things that depend on things that depend on things… comes in the form of the indigenous cuisine.

Firstly breakfast and the classic italian start to the day of cappuccino and brioche, the most democratic of breakfasts. Even in chi chi Milanese bars this at least you can usually find for under €3.

This exemplary example comes from Ferrua/Canterino in Biella – a cafe maybe not to everyone’s taste, but the quality of the merchandise cannot be denied.

The Piedmontese Bolito misto…does what it says on the tin and yes it is not vegetarian, it’s meat, it’s boiled…it’s a bolito misto and a good one should always taste better than it looks…

…so here we have the head (pig i think), the tongue, veal and cottechino sausage and many many different sauces…Iike i said, it does not look so pretty but it tastes really good.

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4 responses to “(s)light relief…

  1. what is that purple sauce?

    • ok, one is a red onion reduction, then there was a thick sticky fig confection and a cherry and an apricot one, there was also horseradish sauce, a balsamic reduction, an apple reduction amongst others…and my 2 favourites, the salsa verde (made from pounded anchovies, parsley, cooked egg yolks and more… and the mostarda di mantova, an amazing concoction of candied fruits in a sweet syrup that is also kind of hot and sometimes slightly garlicky…i know that sounds weird but it goes really well with the boiled meat!

  2. glad i didn’t read that until now when dinner is imminent.

    also, those coffees look amazing!

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