Every country has its stereotypical-tourist-merchandise burden to bear, we Scots more so than many. Travelling back to Edinburgh through the town, i see a group of men sporting the “see you jimmy” hat (see previous post) – a tartan bonnet with a shock of “ginger” red hair attached…nice, i know.

Scotland has the highest per capita population of redheads in the world followed by the Republic of Ireland and then new Zealand…

Probably my own ignorance but just discovered the weird mythology that surrounds red headed people in Italy, apparently it is a sign that they have been touched by the devil…and then there is the novella by Giovanni Verga called Rosso Malpelo literally Red Evil Hair!!!! (though i think the story may be set somewhere like Bolivia…)

more about red hair (all highly factual…gathered from the internet):

The Romans kept red haired slaves, and sold them at a higher price.

In Denmark it is an honour to have a red headed child.

In Corsica, if you pass one in the street, you are supposed to spit and turn around.

In Poland, apparently if you pass three red heads you will subsequently win the lottery.

Harvard dermatologist Madhu Pathak calls redheads “three-time losers” because their red pigment is an inadequate filter of sunlight and their skin is more susceptible to sunburn, skin cancer and wrinkling with age.

Apparently Judas was red-haired, and after the fall of Adam and Eve, Eve’s hair usually changes from brown or blonde to red in colour…


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