Deviating a little from the theme of the macabre:

The last time i got my hair cut it was by Marcela Ceballos, under an arch in the guttering of Cittadellarte in Biella, as part of a performance. Just got my hair cut again as part of a  performance in the sculpture court of ECA, my friend, a former barber and now final year MA student at the royal college of art was up for a group show, he cut hair for 2 hours as part of the performance.

right at the end, when everyone had gone, he shaved his own head…

the artist, his niece and her mother…

ECA incidentally is FULL of ghosts (and mice), a purpose built art college, the building was completed in 1911, and FYI for those who did not know, world famous Professional Scotsman Sean Connery, earned a few pennies by posing for life drawing classes here in the early 1950’s. Various drawings still exist of the former milkman and coffin polisher resplendent in tiny loin cloth…

4 responses to “performance…

  1. did u also get a no.2 cut then?

    • nope, just a trim, however i was the first “client” so he actually had his group tutorial at the same time that i was in the chair getting the trim…which was odd…

  2. You should go and see the ring of hair it is much better than the ‘performance’. That’s of course if the cleaners haven’t done what they are paid for….. I think you might be in luck.

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