Ok, this is not normally my kind of thing but i do appreciate a bit of multi-tasking. Can you spot the industrial sized trompe l’oeil on the awning behind him?

Edinburgh’s new quarter mile district, a work in progress designed by Norman Foster and really quite nice though it would have been even nicer if it could have remained the royal infirmary, a hospital smack bang in the city centre.


3 responses to “multi-tasker…

  1. still macabre week? Circus really scares me!

    For industrial size prints check out this company that I just discovered, they are very expensive, but one of the best on the market..

    • think macabre week could run and run…and like i said its really not my thing ( am thinking of some film where some guy pushes over a street mime artist – which i was a little bit tempted to do) anyway tightrope walking WHILST playing violin, its a wee bit impressive…

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