swings and arrows…

The swings and arrows of an ordinary day…

Ok start the day with farmers market, this rates very high on the edinburgh middle classometer…

…then head into town to the other side of the castle where i run into an anti-nazi rally in city centre,

police amassing…

…somewhat disorganised but successful in that they stopped a nazi related march from happening on this same day. We were told that the supporters of this nazi march had been “corralled” into 5 or 6 bars in the city where they were being held whilst transport was being found to bus them out of town. Am thinking of unsuspecting American tourists in some quaint wee bar when all of a suddenly… another high score for the protesting middle classometer…

…i have a feeling this guy is a pain in the arse, but i thought his sign was pretty funny, the other side said “i am holding a sign”.

…then back home to edit a film for an italian firm for some unbelievably expensive products in my (very cold) flat which i can’t afford to heat…triple point score for the starving freezing artist…and a few extra points for a bourgeois occupation…


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