skeletons on horseback…

I want to draw attention to this incredible teaching drawing.

It normally resides in the Royal (Dick) Veterinary School in Edinburgh, but right now it forms part of an exhibition called “Drawing for Instruction: the art of explanation” (Smugglerius is also part of this show) The drawing is huge, about 2.5 metres square and is very strange and wonderfull. I particularly love the earrings and also there is a key pattern on the skirt of the skeleton’s toga. Maybe he is meant to be alexander the great, i don’t know…

just to give an ideal of scale, you can see horse and rider again here in the background

So anyway i went to the gallery after hours to a drawing workshop…

…so basically we were split into atoms and binding, and then swapped over half way, drawing from the different points of view..

…maybe not my finest art moment but it’s always good to force yourself to get out and do stuff, its usually enjoyable, and these days too much of my practice is computer and camera based…

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