a minor quibble…

Ok, so every now and then i look at the website of incredibly successful style über blog The Sartorialist, for those who don’t know, he snaps photos of people he finds stylish wherever he might be at the time, and he is very successful and influential blah blah… Anyway, the other day he posted a photo of a young milanese male “On the Street Young Milano” to be exact.  I noticed there were over 200 comments to this post so i scrolled down and found banality after banality about how fabulous, stylish and dreamy he was…feeling slightly nauseous i felt obliged to comment that he looked exactly like a million other young milanese men, ultra groomed, ultra conservative and ultra conformist, and for all those who claimed to be in love (there were a lot) he probably still lived with his mum (i am willing to bet money on this), and would do so for long time to come….My comment did not get published…whatever…

i can’t put up the photo so here is a “drawing” instead:


…and here are a couple of completely non related photographs i took last month…

The Royal Scottish Academy on Princes st, it’s not normally red, i guess it was an installation.

the specter of Edinburgh public transport


9 responses to “a minor quibble…

  1. think the red was for valentines.

  2. yuk! if that is the case am going to ignore it and pretend it was an arty installation instead…

  3. You keep me laughing: MVP vs The Sartorialist!
    I must confess that I had to go back to the source; I had seen the picture before, but the guy looked so normal to me that I scrolled down without noticing the many admirers.. who probably don’t know the real threaten of an Italian mother-in-low! My un-stylish opinion: he gains a lot from your drawing…

  4. Well, it’s a real struggle to fight for your white trousers..

  5. A struggle to keep them white, which mothers are most helpful with…

  6. Completely unrelated to everything above: I’ve
    just subscribed to http://www.nowness.com (an art/editorial project by the LVMH group). It consists in a path that you build daily just watching and voting LOVE/DON’T LOVE.. the system reads your answers and tailors the future contents around your interests. It’s an experiment; I’m going in knowing that I’m a marketing guinea pig in the hands of the largest luxury goods group.. but it’s also a potential window to submit editorial material.. Let’s see!

  7. Come on: taxidermy of a black duck with a golden beak! how could you resit?

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