foodie questions…

Today’s probing question…how on earth did i live so long without ever buying or even trying cod roe?, have always ignored it in the past. However queueing up for the fishmongers, the lady in front of me was buying some for her tea and extolling its virtues so i bought some. I sliced it and coated it in seasoned flour and then fried it till golden brown and then served the slices on top of some toasted ciabatta.  In the same pan i then melted some butter, added some parsley and lemon juice, salt and pepper and drizzled it over the roe. I ate it along with some freshly boiled beetroot dressed with some truffle salt and a little extra virgin olive oil and a dollop of good strong horseradish sauce. Not rocket science i know, but a revelation to me, the cod roe tasted great, slightly fishy, slightly smoky with a nice crispy exterior and a creamy/softly grainy interior.

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2 responses to “foodie questions…

  1. am suspicious that the woman in front of you was my mother!

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