japanese stab binding…

japanese stab binding…and pamphlet stitch…hmm, thought i was going to a drawing class at the gallery of modern art but it turned into a bit of a book binding session instead – which turned out to be way more useful by the way. Was introduced to the joys of 2 new tools: the bone folder (and yes i made all the – obvious – jokes possible) and the prick (yep…), anyway don’t know how i lived without them, will never fold a piece of paper without a bone folder again (you use it to score your paper so that you get a crisp clean perfect crease -folding by hand actually damages the paper’s structure)!

bone folder and prick(er) on example of pamphlet stitch

japanese stab binding


4 responses to “japanese stab binding…

  1. this is an interesting form of binding
    it looks quite strong

  2. LOVE your bonefolder – where did it come from? ~Sonya~

    • thanks! theoretically you should be able to buy one in a good art supply store or a book binders, if you can track one down its a really useful tool! Mine was a gift.

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