pentlands mash-up…

Went walking just outside the city up the Pentlands, it’s still pretty marshy and boggy from all the snow and really battered by the wind. Hardly anyone was around due to inclement weather etc and it being a weekday and all…

for a better resolution photo click here

anyway in the middle of one of the many glens, you come across an old rusty battered sign (which for some reason made me think of an American werewolf in London), which tells you that if  there are 2 red flags flying, that it is not safe and that you are in the middle of a military training zone with live ammunition etc…i guess the sign was old – and peppered with shots, but am wondering what you are supposed to do once you read it???  My rational mind told me it might be bad for “business” to shoot unwitting punters off on a wee ramble, however i did not stop to take a photo as it seemed prudent to carry on…did i mention that from where i was i could see one red flag flapping in the distance?

pentlands sheep and meadows crocus mash up


4 responses to “pentlands mash-up…

  1. these pictures are verging on meades-esque

  2. jonathan meades, the graphics in his last series ‘Off Kilter’ were a bit scottidelic, like these.

    • ahh, how weird, i was actually recommended his programme by another friend, the one show i caught was very car centric,i also remember him saying Scotland is the only country in the world that is literally synonymous with alcohol, which is obvious but well phrased. Ta

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