the berlusconi show…

…and on a completely different note, anyone in the UK who wants to feel slightly better about our own crappy political shenanigans should check out reporter Mark Franchetti’s documentary on the BBC called “The Berlusconi Show”.  Scary stuff and some so ludicrous it’s almost funny. My personal favourite moment in the film (there are many) comes from Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini (obliviously hoisting himself by his own petard), who in defence of Berlusconi’s promotion of highly unqualified glamorous women into political office said “Why should Berlusconi choose among only people who are ugly. I would like very much to have a very nice colleague. If you take each and every member of Italian parliament, even young women or girls that were running under Berlusconi’s party, under my same party, you cannot say that even one of these young girls is doing bad or wrong action”…well that’s alright then…

Although there are many positive things about living in Italy, i always struggle with the retro position of women in society there and the marketing in general whose use of the female form lies firmly in the ’70’s (naked women to sell bread rolls anyone?).


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