waverley nocturne…

i love Waverley station, not just because it’s the title of a Walter Scott novel, or that Robert Donat passes though it in Hitchcock’s brilliant version of The 39 Steps (before jumping out up the “road” at the forth rail bridge). I just find it so goddamn romantic. It reminds me of when i was a teenager coming down from the north of Scotland and arriving in what i perceived then (still do a bit actually) to be an incredibly exotic, glamorous and beautiful city. Ok so like all train stations its a bit sleazy up close…but trains, travel and cities…and it looks awfully pretty in the dark…

trains rolling out of Edinburgh Waverley (annoyingly and inexplicably when this photo uploads it becomes a bit fuzzy,  please click here for a decent quality pic)


One response to “waverley nocturne…

  1. what awaits when you arrive back from kings X. lovely

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