more foodie questions…

This is what a tenner (well slightly more than £10 if am being honest) gets you from the farmers market here:

left to right:

caboc (a highland cheese rolled in oats, so close to butter that it almost stops being a cheese), parsley, a dressed crab, German sour dough bread, a treccia of mozzarella made by some local italians who have a small holding just outside Edinburgh.

Not a so much for £10 is it?, of course it is all delicious and environmentally responsible. Quite tough this foodie lark, especially if you are on a modest income and are trying to be relatively environmentally responsible (often a luxury i can’t afford)  i usually end up going to Lidl (they do have some good stuff too…if you are selective) directly after the market and for that same £10 i can get a hell of a lot more…and there is always offal…which luckily i love (and i definitely DON’T buy in Lidl – you really need to know where your offal comes from!)…got a freezer full of tongues, hearts and liver…which i know sounds a bit gruesome…but can taste really good…honest…

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