foraging for food in the roman countryside…

Wild asparagus, you look for this frondy, ferny creeping type plant, then underneath that you will find the wild asparagus tip growing up from the earth…

wild asparagus stalks

…this is another similar kind of plant (but no relation) to the asparagus, pungitopo (ruscus aculeatus),  more bitter, less woody stalks with a sweet aftertaste…tastes fantastic, needs a bit less cooking.

the shrub looks like this

The edible tips poke out of the ground just like the wild asparagus.

For a much more comprehensive and expert guide to foraging click here

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  1. hey Marga, thanks so much for visiting.
    I’ve posted the recipe as you wrote it on my blog, and actually also used a couple of your images in the process, so thanks 🙂
    Looking forward for your posting about it!

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