more monumentale…

So indulge me a little longer with my trip to Monumentale, it was too big to fit into one post, and there were so many, many things to see, for example these beautiful fonts:

…and there was unbelievable glamour and almost creepy eroticism:

i thought that some of these were pure Busby Berkely

beautiful shapes…

When we came upon this particular grave, my companion and i had very different reactions, he was a quite repulsed by the object and also affected by the fact that it represented the death of a child and what that meant and how it had been depicted, he moved on quickly.

I on the other hand was fascinated by the aesthetics of the thing, the monochromes of the sculpture and the contrasting faded colour of the fake flowers, i was obsessed with how it looked, with its almost corpulent volume. He reacted humanly and i rationally, and even clinically.  It made me think how sometimes being an artist can desensitise you…but looking now i still find the images beautiful, arresting even…

“For those interested in conserving this grave, come and see us in the office” – did the family run out of money, is there no one left to pay? i don’t know…

more Monumentale photographs:

click here for full set of  photos on my flickr

I guess at some point Monumentale was situated outside the city, but now it is pretty central. Its easy to get to and if you can you really should go.

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