for whom the shoe sells…

So when i get more time i have to do  post about the advertising here in Italy…and i know it is far from perfect back home too, but really over here it is quite incredible the sheer amount of flesh that is pedalled, the marketing of the female form…for EVERYTHING…, well,  i will come back to that in a future post.

This rather quaint and kitsch retro form of advertising always makes me smile,

(the shoes are rubbish by the way)

but really, is a naked-prone-implied-ready-for-sex-female-body really what us ladies need to make us want to buy shoes??? Or perhaps it’s to encourage our gentlemen friends to buy us a pair???? whatever…the cars are very cute:

yes its a fiat 500 with a giant pink naked lady

its a teeny tiny fiat 500 station wagon!!!!and it has a giant shoe…


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