reason for being…here

rice fields and water tower just outside Biella, with alps in the  distance

…so am back in Biella at Fondazione Pistoletto for work. Am part of a 10 person strong editorial team behind the research-project-conference-event “Methods_Processes of Change“.

official blurb:

“The research project “Methods” investigates the methodologies applied in creative processes for the social responsible transformation. A research that for several years has involved personalities of the artistic world who are parting from specific social problematic issues and through a network of communities, organizations, public and private institutions have come to realize new modalities of exchange, dialogue and co-creation”.

Our job is to document the event and synthesise each day’s events

It runs for 5 days starting tomorrow…each day is thematically programmed, so for example the first day is all about transformation of the self…here the programme of that day to give and idea:

Yep, its pretty full. Right now am setting up a blog that will live(-ish) stream the event, and then for the conference itself am in charge of video documentation, making lots of short films, and taking photos… My head is spinning right now with the amount of work to be done…but i love this kind of work really. Will post more and relevant links when they go live.


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