more methods…

Still working away at the methods workshop, here is some more about the concept of the editorial group (that i form part of) as an entity within the workshop. The text is an extract from the introduction to the day:

The editorial unit, as Stefania explains, has been conceived as a platform of sharing and information among the participants and, at the same time, as the basis of communication with the world outside the workshop. On the first day the editorial staff was trying to orientate themselves within the work group; the second day gave them time to start to be active in the group and the consequences are evident in the third day, when people are independent, but at the same time totally connected with the group. That means, as Federica (one of the organisers) says, that dependence is not useful for creativity. Thanks to methodology, people become free to act: this is the essence of the process of change… (not my words!)

Don’t worry, i have not gone all touchy feely on you…but aliaa (an artist from Egypt) suddenly saw an art piece she had worked on and never seen completed and this is how she reacted. i found it kind of moving.



illustration by pietro corraini

caccadura from bologna silk screening in the courtyard

rosanna making fresh pasta for ciciari e tria, another pugliese dish

2 responses to “more methods…

  1. this is great.
    Looks like you’re into a diverse range of media.
    that’s great

  2. the whole approach to documenting this workshop has been an experiment, and it has been comprehensive…its been a very intensive period of time…fun though!

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