more rice…

Following on from the previous post and still in the landscape surrounding Biella; late spring and early summer the watery rice fields transform into green, green, GREEN…that moves in the wind, until eventually come harvest time late summer/autumn again  the landscape will change  to golden brown.

driving through the green green rice fields with storm approaching…

Biella is surrounded by the Alps in water filled plains, what goes up must come down and does so in the form of intense thunderstorms…

crossroads in the middle of the rice fields with a storm brewing…

After the rice is harvested, there is one final transformation as the the stubby stalks left in the ground are burnt, and the golden brown fields are hatched with giant strokes of charcoal black until it all disappears again into brown earth fields waiting for spring and the water to come again…


There is a new mvp website for a separate project, click here to go to requested portraits website.

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