meteorology of a walk…

I always say, you don’t come to Scotland for the weather…take last Saturday for example, a lovely day for here around 20 odd degrees, look, that is actually the sun, you can see it lighting up the Scottish parliament. There it is hiding beneath turf landscaping behind the dandelions or are they goats beard??? should have checked for that tell tale hollow stem (see previous post)  and buttercups…

…and there is the castle doing the same thing, but oh oh, where has the sun gone???

never mind, even the animals are performing for the camera…and he can relax, rook eating season is over…

so anyway, knew it was too good to last, that’s THE WEATHER you can see rolling in from fife over the forth…i took it as my cue to get down off the mountain…

…and sure enough, twenty minutes later…


There is a new mvp website for a separate project, click here to go to requested portraits website.

2 responses to “meteorology of a walk…

  1. that picture of the jackdaw is fabulous! as are the others x

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