jupiter artland…

SIGNPOST TO JUPITER by Peter Liversidge

Jupiter Artland is a sculpture park outside Edinburgh. I don’t normally really like these kinds of places, but this worked pretty well.

My main reason to go was to see a Charles Jencks installation there. It was huge, it was interactive, it was arty artifice and i really liked it and the heavily manicured piece worked particularly well in amongst the more natural setting:

Images of LIFE MOUNDS by Charkles Jencks “a landform celebrating the cell as the basis of life”…and yes i flipped the photo upside down, the sky was way more dramatic in the reflection…now i think it looks a bit like the Sidney Opera House.

and here are some people interacting with the piece:

some other stuff also there:

LANDSCAPE WITH GUN AND TREE by Cornelia Parker, i especially enjoyed the irony of middle class children playing with giant guns…incidentally, according to the blurb it might be loaded…

WEEPING GIRLS by Laura Ford, i didn’t really like this but the creepiness kind of stayed with me and it reminded me of a couple of Japanese horror flicks  i had seen and really liked (namely the ring and dark water)

SPLAT – my title, the official title is OVER HERE by Shane Waltener (i think my title is better…)

For more photos on Jupiter Artland see my flickr here


4 responses to “jupiter artland…

  1. a celebration of plonk art?
    great images, thanks marga, im just puzzled about why you would like Charles Jencks installation there.
    Yes, ‘it was huge, it was interactive, it was arty artifice and i really liked it and the heavily manicured piece worked particularly well in amongst the more natural setting’… as in you could get nice images from it?
    that is serious earth-moving-machinery art, not that is anything wrong with that, but gees, couldnt get a more paternalistic approach to environment..
    i’m grumpy

    • Ha DB…funny, i thought about you when i was there, thought you might not approve…Now i know!
      firstly sometimes even though you know something is just wrong, you cant help but like it anyway.
      secondly this place is huge and he was working on a spot that had previously been a field, i don’t think he was robbing us of a unique landscape, also a lot of work there (which i did not particularly like) has been placed in a more sensitive, less patriarchal manner shall we say…
      thirdly it was just so god-damn successful as a piece of public art…people were all over it and they spent a lot of time there (as did i) it was by far the most “experienced” (in the sense of people using it) work in the place, i cant help but be impressed by that, when i see people really loving a piece of art, spending a lot of time with it…it does not happen that often.

      And yes, i did enjoy the contrast of this giant manicured human-mini-golf style landscape against the natural setting, i don’t have a problem with that, and not because it makes a nice image but because sometimes perversity and contrast is a good thing for me
      …and yes granted, it was very photogenic and yes i do like to take pictures…
      i guess i am trying to say that all the things you mentioned ran through my mind too, but were swept aside because of my experience of its physical presence there…

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  3. it is a lovely piece of work sure it need big machines to make it and the environmental impact might be…. but there are a lot worse.
    It is great to see the people interacting with it. I wonder what it would be like if the grass is left to grow. The fact that it once was just a field has improved it. i agree that some art in the landscape does not always reflect on the landscape but saying this contradiction can create balance.

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