the first day…

Day one, everyone arriving, normally to brilliant sunshine, but this time to prolonged incessant rain, which has its own poetry in this 19th Century landscape, but is maybe not the best way to experience Biella for the first time…

The river Cervo thunders past our office as we too are in a converted woolmill once powered by those waters…when it gets really torrential, you can hear and feel the vibrations of giant boulders being moved about in the current.

that’s us there in white, UNIDEE has the whole second floor…

We decided to leave tables in a big pile and the residents can place them where they like, in past years they have been in rows, lets see what this lot do with them…

2 responses to “the first day…

  1. i think it was a great decision to leave the tables in a pile, let the colonization of the space happen from scratch.
    How was that ticket inspector on the train?
    that was so ridiculous!
    wow, what a prick on a power trip!
    lo siento por tigo Marga!

    • its funny, at first, they started to set up all the tables as we had in the past…but now they are becoming more creative…
      and as for the ticket inspector…he was a total bastardo! and he really took a dislike to me. i was spoiling for a fight but had to hold back as i was pretty sure he was cable of calling the police and i felt it was maybe not a great start to my unidee to have to be bailed out of jail!!! in my fantasy world i would return to that train with 200 people all with cameras and start snapping away for the duration…(and make an arty video of it of course)

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