parallel blogging…

It’s a little schizophrenic running parallel blogs on roughly the same themes. I did it while i was in India, in fact it was going there that gave me the impetus to start this blog/site, while at the same time i had to keep another blog running for the charitable organisation who sent me there (no points for guessing which one was more fun to do…it’s no fun when you have to worry about offending folks…).

And here i am again, doing the same parallel blogging thingie. Have set up the UNIDEE 2010 blog (still early days, it’s another work in progress…)

…so i have to switch between official and my usual (informal?) style as i flit between blogs…hope i don’t mix them up! One thing is for sure, the UNIDEE blog i will run over the next 4 months will get more hits (the one i did last year got about 12000) in that period than i probably will in a couple of years on this little labour of love…

Oh well, in the meantime i give you the joyous rampaging torrent that is the cervo river, behold the view from our office:

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