E Z on the catwalk and elsewhere…

Super busy day with UNIDEE today, so will try to add to this post bit by bit throughout the day, keep checking the blog!

Masses to post about! Yesterday was the official day of celebration for the 100th Anniversary of Ermenegildo Zegna.  Got up at the ludicrous hour of 5am in order to get from Biella to Milan in time for the morning catwalk shows…

Got to take my favourite spot in the photographers pit…think Italian fashion photographers pack might be slightly more “gentlemanly” than most as i arrived late and they let me through to find a spot at the back. I had some serious equipment envy – me with my relatively modest Lumix G1 SLR (as ever sans tripod!),  and them with…well this:

there were shows by Ermenegildo Zegna and also ZZegna…

There were a lot of italian “celebs” at this event, but i lived 5 years without a TV here, so i did not know who they were, just that they were surrounded by paparazzi…although they seemed to take pictures of any female in a short skirt and high heels so maybe they were not all so famous…

Ok, this oriental gentleman, was resplendent in white bermuda shorts, brogues, a polka dot jacket and as you can see, a cream coloured top hat…i still have to find out who he is, but he was in the front row of the catwalk so i guess he is “somebody” Actually just found out he is a fashion journalist, is that “somebody”????

Shoes and bad frocks:

by the way that’s Anna Dello Rosso in the top right of this montage –  keep watching still more to come…

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