holes in the landscape

Two weeks into a 4 month residency…its amazing to see how much the same patterns are followed. There is already inter-resident romance!!! (this tends to happen very quickly – 4 months here is a little like a condensed 2 years in”normal’ life) Incidentally this can be a very nice thing for the participants of the romance or a TOTAL nightmare, if the relationship ends and you then have to spend every waking hour with the a person you might prefer to avoid… There have been mutterings about the predisposition towards the over-dialogue of things here…there has been the discovery of the “Madonna Nera” of Oropa (one of my personal favourites…i will post more on her at a later date) There has been the opening of the annual Arte al Centro exhibition, which brought with it one very annoying super arrogant French “artist”…who overstayed his welcome and who at the end of the day was always too lazy to go to his hotel room in the town, and would always find his way back to the sofa in my apartment (someone annoyingly always let him in)…more observations to follow…meanwhile here are some holes in the wall from the Ricetto, the medieval quarter from the neighbouring village of Candelo:

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